Rapid Planter

The easy way to power plant

Simply attach the Rapid Planter auger to any good rechargeable drill with a 13mm chuck.  In normal top soil it is possible to drill a hole, fertilize and plant at around 10 seconds per plant.



  • This is the easy way to plant vegetables, bulbs, flowers, cuttings, bare root pine trees, any small plants or punnets.
  • The easy way to till soil in the garden or planter boxes
  • The  easy way to mix seed, soil, fertilizer, paint, mortar mix.

Digging holes by hand can be garden drudgery.  Because its fast many people find the Rapid Planter is fun to use.  Because it is easier people tend to plant more.  If you have a lot to plant the rapid planter really helps out.  I like to drill a hole twice the depth of the plant and part fill with a fertilizer/compost mix thus allowing for a healthy plant with a deep root system.

The Rapid Planter works on virtually any soil type.  If you have hard dry clay you may choose to change up to an electric power drill however some practice at a slow speed is recommended as power drills do not tend to have a clutch.  If your arm strength is low or you have arthritis this may not be suitable.

The Rapid Planter is made from commercial grade solid carbon steel.  We use them daily in our own commercial Nursery here at Vetiver Systems NZ. The drive shaft is 16mm solid steel, it has a hex shaped non slip drive end. A high quality construction that should last you a life time.

Bio bags


Biodegrable bags help the environment. The size matches the Rapid planter hole. Planting with the bio bag on.  The part plant fibre bag slowly deteriorates once it is in the ground. After 12 months it is virtually untraceable. Most roots will initially go straight through the bag. Some people cut an X in the base of the bag when growing vegetables or similar.




3×7” inch Rapid planter is only $75 incl GST and Freight

3×12” inch Rapid planter is only $95 incl GST and Freight

8 cm diameter bio bags are just $10 incl GST for a pack of 100 (plus $6 freight) or get free shipping when purchased with a Rapid planter.



How do I purchase a Rapid Planter?


If you would like to purchase a Rapid planter. Please send me an email with your name and address and requirements and I will send you an invoice with my bank details. Once paid I will send it to you ASAP. Freight free.

If you have any questions or to place an order please call us today.


You will never plant the old way again !