Vetiver grass erosion control – Lock it in!

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Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a native of South India. This tough grass grows to one metre in height and forms clumps 600 – 900 mm wide. Unlike most grasses which form spreading mat like root systems, vetivers strong, fibrous, binding roots go down 4 to 6 metres. When correctly grown as a hedge the roots bind with the earth forming an incredibly strong interlocked underground wall, stopping ground movement and slips. The hedge spreads surface water. The massive roots and dense foliage allow controlled drainage. Note – Vetiver is a sterile clone. It will never turn into a weed.

The “vetiver system” can:

  • virtually stop erosion (by up to 95%)
  • reduce and conserve rainfall run off (by as much as 70%)

The vetiver system is used in more than 100 countries for water and soil conservation, ground stabilization, removing pollutants from land and water, sediment control, flood damage prevention and many other applications.