Planting and Pricing

At the heart of the vetiver system is a specific method of planting in rows using 5 plants to the metre.
Planting from October through to March when the soil is warmer.

Two weeks or more before planting thoroughly remove all weeds/grasses etc in the new vetiver hedge location.

Dig a long trench up to 15cm to 18cm deep

Sprinkle blood and bone fertilizer at the base of the trench

The vetiver plants must be soaked underwater (submerged) for at least 20 minutes before planting. Adding nitrosol (as per packet instructions) to this water is important.

Place one plant every 20cm and backfill.

Use a mulch of choice to control weeds.

For strong healthy plants use an organic foliar spray like Nitrosol monthly while the plants are young.


Vetiver Plants

We supply strong, high quality plants that will establish quickly. It is with these plants you can utilize the vetiver system correctly.

Our exclusive plant bag has been customized to meet Vetiver’s unique requirements. Specially designed for easy planting with no losses. Approx 12.5 cm across by 180 cm high (actual plant base size).

Vetiver Plants are available in two sizes.

PB3 long  12-100 plants $7.99 +GST each

PB3 long  100+   plants $6.99 +GST each          PB3 long plants are larger.

Bio bag    25-100 plants $6.99 +GST each

Bio bag    100+    plants  $5.99 +GST each        Bio bag plants are smaller but easier to install with a Rapid planter.   Bio bag plants establish quickly. For more information visit our Rapid Planter page.

3×7” Rapid planter auger  $75 incl. GST



Vetiver Slips

In some situations like steep hillside slips or where there is no other choice, we can supply Vetiver slips (rooted cuttings). Vetiver slips require some special care as the failure rate is higher.
They require more care over the establishment years, especially weeds and watering.
Establishment is slow and the plant often does not make it to full vigour.
Slips can only be planted from mid-December to mid-February. The hottest months.
Supplied slips must be planted immediately on delivery.

The reason we offer slips is that from time to time it is appropriate to use them for specific situations. Please ask for advice on this.

70 slips $180 +GST



Quoted on request or pick up from the nursery by appointment.

It is important to us that you get the right results. The “Vetiver System” works so for free advice or a no obligation quote please talk to us.