Water Detoxification

It is becoming difficult to find streams and rivers in New Zealand that are not polluted to some degree. Agriculture, horticulture, industry and urbanisation all have a role to play. However Vetiver grass can help.

The Vetiver system is used in more than a hundred countries for land / water detoxification . For more than 15 years and it has become firmly established as highly effective in treating rural, domestic and industrial waste.



Two key characteristics set it apart from other plants.

Vetivers unique, aggressive photosynthesis is very efficient at both absorbing and processing an extremely wide range of elements. it has a very large capacity to process more elements and water when exposed to more. Dispersing via normal vetiver processors what it does not need.

On Target

Vetivers massive root system definitely assist in the efficient uptake of water, nutrients and elements. Because these roots and the plant are processing nothing but the water to be treated (i.e. not soil also) you are on track for efficient results. Of course the correct amount of plants must be used in the correct way.

Vetiver (a totally non-invasive plant) thrives on floating rafts. Other plants and smaller grasses have been tested for the purpose but none get close to the physiological or morphological attributes of Vetiver.


Tests show miraculous results.

Nitrates reduced up to 99%, phosphates reduced up to 90% . Comprehensive results for a wide range of chemicals and bacteria including agrochemicals, herbicides and pesticides. Some heavy metals are stored in the roots and leaves while others are translocated and dispersed by normal vetiver processes. Vetiver has a Ph neutralizing effect.


In many countries it is not known as Vetiver grass. It is called miracle grass.


Visit www.vetiver.org for more information.

Vetiver Grass survives happily in most contaminated water including water with high levels of nitrates, phosphates, salinity, acidity, alkalinity, sodicity and most industrial and chemical wastes.


Why is vetiver selected over other plants ?

  • Vetivers enormous root system and incredible detoxifying action
  • It will not turn into a weed
  • It can live in toxic water
  • Frost tolerant once established
  • Has no known pests or diseases
  • Little or no maintanence is required
  • Results are fast. However vetiver maximizes its action from 2 years old onwards.
  • Very long lived.
  • Thrives in water north of Hamilton.


We build Vetiver Rafts

Vetiver RaftVetiver is ideal floated on purpose made rafts. It isĀ ideal for Septic, dairy and industrial ponds. In fact any polluted slow moving water. We are passionate about getting the right results from start to finish which is why we build, deliver and install vetiver rafts complete with a 10 year warranty.

From small ponds to large municipal waste treatment we can tailor solutions to meet your requirements.