Land Detoxification

Clean green New Zealand is seriously under threat. Never have our land and waterways been so contaminated. Offsite pollution is our greatest environmental challenge. Industrial, urban and agricultural practices need to change.

The Vetiver system is a proven natural solution to Land Detoxification and if it is used widely it will make a big difference.

Used in over a hundred countries for this purpose, Vetivers track record speaks for itself. Visit for more information and case studies.

As Vetiver seeks water and nutrients it absorbs a wide range of elements, good and bad. Vetiver uses the good and defuses the bad.

Vetiver can reduce nitrates by up to 99% and phosphates by up to 90%. Comprehensive results for chemicals and bacteria. Some heavy metals are trapped in the roots and leaves while others are translocated and dispersed by normal Vetiver processors. When the Vetiver system is installed correctly, affected particles are trapped and treated by the Vetiver. Vetiver has a pH neutralizing effect.

Vetiver is unique because it gives effective detoxifying to 5 metres deep (great for treating landfill leachates). It will not turn into a weed and is viable to plant over large areas. It can handle highly toxic zones and results are fast!

Q – Is there any other plant that works as well as vetiver in regards to toxin treatment.
A – If all the benefits of vetiver are taken into account it is the most effective plant used for toxin treatment.

Vetiver is unique because more than other plants it seems to take up more water and more of both nutrients and harmful elements when given more. Vetiver is ideal for treating:

Domestic and municipal sewage effluent
Landfill leachates
Industrial waste zones
Mining and quarry leachates
Agricultural / urban runoff
Any polluted land.

Septic systems

Irrigated aerated septic systems and standard septic tank systems are very polluting. They are essentially distributing septic water. Vetiver can and should be used in conjunction with these systems where possible. Northern New Zealand can go a long way towards solving problems with septic systems by using Vetiver grass!

It is important to us that you receive the right advice and that installations are carried out correctly. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please call us today.